Diego Miranda M. SOC

I’m an Active Member in the Society of Camera Operators (SOC) as Steadicam®, Camera and TRINITY Operator.

Having my beginnings in the camera department in Chile, I have been an active camera operator since 2012 on numerous productions worldwide, such as feature films, tv and streaming series, commercials and tv-shows. 

Currently based in Mexico, but can be booked for productions all over the world.

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+(52) 5610548812

Other Projects  
Co-Founder at Nøctuary Studio, for the creation of Inmersives Light Art Installations.

Based through mistake and experimentation about the interrelation of the Sound, Image, Light and Space.

Last collaborations:  DGTL Amsterdam, DGTL Chile, File Fest, Berlin Atonal & +.

Nøcturary _ Tenjo AI Sky v.1 
2023 _ DGTL, Amsterdam.

for more information, please contact me here.